Reduce Age Spots & Dark Spots From Sun Damage

What is Cosmelan®?

Cosmelan® is a professional, topical treatment that targets all types of skin discolorations and uneven pigmentation. It can significantly reduce and eliminate brown spots by blocking the skins biological process which causes these discolorations.  The two main active ingredients, Kojic Acid (which comes from a plant) and  Hydroquonone (which can be ordered by a physician RX) can lighten existing blemishes while inhibiting the trigger that causes new brown patches to occur.


  • Highly effective for all types of Hyperpigmentation and skin discolorations
  • Suitable for ALL skin types
  • Non-invasive action
  • Rejuvenates and increase luminosity
  • Brightens complexion


Cosmelan® can reduce the appearance of skin discoloration brought on by hormonal imbalance (such as melasma during pregnancy), excessive sun exposure and various other triggers, in all skin types. Cosmelan® is safe for all skin types and the most effective treatment for hyperpigmentation and melasma. It has also proven to help with clearing up acne due to the peeling process.

Treatment Application:

Treatment of Cosmelan® is a two step process. The first step consists of an application of the Cosmelan® mask (brown mask) that is applied in the physician office by a professional. The patient goes home with the brown mask left on their face for anywhere between 6-12 hours depending on skin type. The mask initiates the lightening process and begins the breakup of the pigmentation spots.

The second step is a homecare application of Cosmelan® 2 cream. The Patient is sent home with a kit that contains Cosmelan® 2 and the application of this home care maintenance is required to continue the lightening process and inhibiting of further skin discoloration.

There is no cure to melasma therefore continuance of home maintenance creams is recommended for long term and follow ups and other treatments to maintain may be necessary.

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