San Diego Deep Tissue Massage

Types of Massages

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage 60 min | $85
This session is for a person who likes strong hands and a deep pressure. A deep tissue massage is focusing on the deep muscle layers, tendons and fascia. The deep pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension, reducing pain, disperse unwanted toxins, promote relief and well-being.

Swedish Massage 60 min | $75
This traditional Western technique uses long, soothing strokes to increase circulation, stimulate the nervous system, and induce natural relaxation.

Classic Sport Massage 60 min | $85
Using classic combinations of sports stretches, compressions and deep-tissue work, this massage promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, decreases muscle soreness, reduces muscle tightness, and helps prevent injuries.

Customized Aromatherapy Massage 60 min | $85
Essential oils have a profound effect on the body, heart, mind and spirit. The therapist will blend essential oils to address individual specific needs of the moment. A gentle dry brushing ensures that the maximum benefit is received from the blend followed by a Massage with warm oil.

Inviting Hot Stone Massage 60 min $90 | 90 min $120
Enter into a state of pure tranquility as warm basalt stones are strategically placed along the energy centers of the body and on areas of tightness. Himalayan salt stones will also be used to help balance the central nervous system and has the healing energy of 84 minerals. The warmth of the stones combined with a customized, full-body Swedish massage will induce a state of deep relaxation.

Mother To Be Massage 60 min | $85
Encourages relaxation, releases muscle tension and focuses on reducing the many stressors your body encounters during pregnancy. Pre-natal massage is also highly beneficial for your baby, who will feel the relaxing effects of massage within the womb. It is a very special bonding experience for mother and child. This massage uses pillows and a specialized pillow called the Snoogle for Mothers-to-be. This Massage is performed primarily while you rest on your side for comfort.

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